Get Rewarded by Becoming a HashPayOnline Affiliate

Join the HashPayOnline Affiliate Program and earn 25% commission
on every transaction by your referred customers!

About affiliate program

HashPayOnline’s Affiliate Program is a marketing vehicle that allows merchants to advertise HashPayOnline on their website. As the site’s owner, you earn a share of all successfully completed transactions by customers who are directed to HashPayOnline through your website.

How it works

Our Affiliate Program is a great way to create an additional revenue stream. If you have an idea for another type of partnership, we would like to hear from you. We are global, and always interested in working with people who want to represent HashPayOnline around the world.

1. Connect

Create a HashPayOnline merchant account, and get instant access to banner ads, links and other materials for linking your website and emails to HashPayOnline.

2. Refer

When a visitor to your website clicks on your Affiliate referral link, creates a HashPayOnline account and completes a merchant transaction, they become your “referred customer.”

3. Collect

You earn 25% commission for the transaction, based on HashPayOnline’s total net profit, and any subsequent transactions completed by your referred customers.

HashPayOnline Affiliate Program FAQ

  • How do I join?

    You must be a verified HashPayOnline merchant to participate. Once your HashPayOnline account setup is completed, you will be able to access the Affiliate tools (links and banner ads) from your merchant dashboard.

  • Is the HashPayOnline Affiliate Program free to join?

    Yes, the HashPayOnline Affiliate Program is completely free to join. Linking your website(s) to HashPayOnline allows you to partner with a leading blockchain payment gateway easily and at no cost.

  • Why should I become a HashPayOnline Affiliate?

    The HashPayOnline Affiliate program offers you an easy way to earn 25% commission (based on HashPayOnline’s net profit) from any transaction by a merchant directed to us by you. The total customer activity of all your referrals counts toward your affiliate divident.

  • How often do I get paid?

    Funds are credited to your account in real time, so as we make money, so do you!